Thank you for the possible opportunity to help you receive the best possible start in playing guitar, bass or drums.


Since 2007 I have been committed to providing people with the highest quality of tuition available. My ongoing development, starting in 2001, as teacher and musician, is guided by tutors involved with the top music tertiary institutions in the country. 




Their are many obstacles to becoming a strong musician. One of them is cost and the other one is the quality of the tuition. So I'm going to try and help you with that. Learning how to play music is expensive. There's a great saying which goes like this. “People go to a lot of trouble to find cheap lessons and then get a lot of trouble when they are found.” I'm going to help you out. I will ensure you will receive the best value


In short there is a complete programme of music which has been put together by the top music teachers in New Zealand. There is a direct link from beginner level, to gaining acceptance to the best music school in the country. Acceptance is based on audition and skill level only. This is a very rewarding and enjoyable journey.