The Make Up Lesson

I've decided to use the blog to communicate a few ideas and issues that come up from time to time.

One of those issues is the 'make up' lesson.

I cannot stress strongly enough that the 'make up' lesson replacement is not always guaranteed. It is not a right.

Success in any specialist skill occurs when the student sticks at it. No study, no success. I try to help and encourage so that the student can achieve. This is why I try and replace a lesson when it is missed. I am trying to be kind. I am trying to be helpful. I cannot stress strongly enough however that this lesson replacement is not always guaranteed. It is not a right.

Just like when something is missed due to illness, clashing, or forgetfulness in other aspects of life such as school, work or sports, that something is not replaced. It is the same with lessons. Contrary to the belief of some, my time is very limited. There are very few lessons spots available for make ups. I do not have extra time during the ever frequent and long school term breaks. I am a professional musician studying at ever increasing levels of difficulty. If I am not teaching I'm practicing, with the occasional run thrown in.

So please, please please do not be offended when I cannot replace a missed lesson. Do not run a tally of missed lessons with those made up. Unfortunately I lost a student this year due to this issue. If anyone can show me where I said I will replace every lesson please let me know. It is not a financial cost when one is missed. No one pays more when that happens, it is just annoying.