Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums Tuition

  • Do you want a free introductory guitar, drums or bass lesson or assessment of your ability?

  • Are you looking for the best value guitar, drums, beginner piano or bass lessons?

  • Do you wish to have your lesson in person at Falcon St and/or in person online?

  • Are you looking for lessons for your child but just not sure which teacher to choose?

  • Do you have musical dreams, goals, or aspirations that you want to achieve?

  • Do you have any guitar, drums or bass learning problems that you want solved?

  • Are you just beginning and don’t know what to do?

  • Are you getting nowhere being self-taught?

  • Do you feel you have outgrown your current teacher?

  • Need help with your music performance?

  • Do you want to be taught by someone who learns from the best and teaches to the highest standard?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then contact me.

For more information please read on, look at my articles and view my introductory video.

 Hi I'm Phil Hartshorn

I have over 20 years of music knowledge and experience; 10 years of primary teaching experience, and teaching privately, full time, since 2007. I am very keen to provide the best possible start for beginners, and to help existing players move on to even higher levels. 

Why should you choose me as your teacher?

It is a very confusing decision to make. It doesn't help to know that anyone can advertise as a music teacher as there are no enforceable standards in music education. Even asking friends for advice could be problematic if your friends are not musicians. This is why I have asked a few students to comment on their experience, and why I have created some videos to explain what is involved, and tried to answer a few FAQs. Hopefully the message you'll receive is I provide the most comprehensive modern music teaching in guitar, bass, and drums in the area.

You have just begun playing, or would like to, and you don’t know what to do?

There are so many options about how to learn. There is so much information. How can you make sure you are doing the right thing? Answer, find the best teacher you can find and then do what he says, simple. In short, contact me.   

Yes I have been delivering the best value Guitar, Bass and Drumming lessons since 2007.

My students have held the top positions available in schools and the community, and excelled in them.

Is cost the main deciding factor in which teacher to choose for your child?

Are you thinking like this....Yes you can see that I can help your child, but I look expensive. The cheap ones look like a better option. If my child does well in those we could then think about better lessons later...

Believe me when I say this is a costly road to take....

Learning how to play is difficult, probably the hardest thing your child has ever done. Learning from a professional to provide the best possible start is important. This is why I offer low cost Saturday lessons for beginners. Your child will then be able to begin:

  • reading music on the instrument;

  • learning how to practise and feel good about doing it;

  • learning how to measure and feel success when playing;

  • understanding the importance of beat;

  • playing to songs as soon as possible;

  • jamming with others as soon as;

  • potential rewards for awesome playing.

Are you getting nowhere being self-taught?

You most probably would have had a few experiences as a self taught player. I was one once too so I know what you have been through. Unfortunately it can take a while for the realisation to take hold that you are getting nowhere. Because of my own experiences I have a fair amount of empathy with this. So I am going to give up some of my precious practice time to tell you...

It is good for you to keep those dreams and aspirations alive.

There is a wonderful lyric in Peter Gabriel's song Mercy Street For Anne Sexton:

Looking down on empty streets, all she can see

Are the dreams all made solid

Are the dreams all made real

All of the buildings, all of those cars

Were once just a dream

In somebody's head

Learning how to play is the path to building upon a dream. The skills required and learned while studying the instrument are universal. You are learning how to put a dream or goal into existence. You are learning how to learn. You are learning how to succeed, and you are learning that dreams and goals are real and can happen.

That sense of excitement you have when thinking about music never goes away. My first guitar was a tennis racquet. Boy did it sound good. I'm lucky, my playing now sounds as good as my childhood dreams.

Your dreams might be like mine, or more specific. With the right guidance you can work towards and achieve them and learn a lot more in the process.

"The difference between Phil and other teachers is that he doesn't just teach me to play. He has taught me to learn: the most important skill you can learn, and a skill I now put into many other aspects of my life..."  Read More

Damon Spijkerbosch Drummer/ Guitar Player

Yes it is true, not all guitar, bass and drums teachers are the same.

Your teacher may not be a bad teacher but one you may have out grown. You may have begun with one of a great quantity of people who will show you a few chords or drumming rhythms and then get you to play a few songs.

It is time to move on to a professional teacher when you begin to have a few questions like, which chords go together well?, or why are others learning to play other instruments reading music and I'm not? I'm just reading lyric sheets with chords on the top. How do I know when to play a drum fill? How do I know I'm practicing properly? What are the notes on the guitar or bass?

Everything is learned. Natural talent is a myth. You can play well. I am passionate about doing it right. I want you to succeed with your instrument. In time you will be able to play any song you want with confidence and strength. 

Do you feel progress is slow, or even think you are stuck?

I can help you move ahead. I'll encourage you to ask questions. I'll evaluate your playing and then show you what to focus on. I plan to build an environment where you will have access with other players of your ability.

An environment to help players succeed.

I plan to build a place where people will know their individual level. They will be able to monitor their success, even daily. In addition there will be opportunities for jam sessions, seminars, and performance groups. An environment will be built which will help you as you move ahead in your ability and knowledge of music on Guitar, Bass or Drums.


Just contact me.

For more information please read my articles.


Since 2007 I have been committed to providing people with the highest quality tuition.


Introducing Philip Hartshorn's Dunedin School of Music

The Big Picture: Learning Guitar, Bass or Drums

If you are considering taking lessons with Phil but are not sure yet, can I say give it a go, no matter which method you use. After starting with face to face lessons, I was surprised how efficient the internet based lessons are and the ability to log in from anywhere you have a connection and device is great. Phil is a patient and proficient teacher and his methods provide challenge and reward as you master your chosen instrument.

Micheal Morgan

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Phil is my first drumming teacher. “I couldn’t play before, but now I can, thanks to his great teaching! I have improved 100%. I really like the way Phil encourages me with my drumming. I love playing his electronic kits. I look forward to every lesson. I love playing and learning new songs. I like how kind and encouraging he is when I make a mistake.”

Daniel Thompson

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Phil Hartshorn is a great guitar teacher. He's friendly, funny and encouraging!!!

He is also very good at making people understand the situation. So don't worry about thinking that your kid comes home and tells you "I don't know what Phil was talking about". Because that won't happen.

Hugh Rudd

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Phil helps me learn how to practise and shows me how to measure my own skill. I would say to people who wish to learn that with Phil you will learn the proper way to play as opposed to endless strumming with little technique. I also really enjoy the jams.

Matilda Sutton

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The single thing in Phils lessons which has helped the most is his thoroughness and patience. I would say to someone who is considering taking lessons with Phil to just give it a go. If you need to use Skype for lessons don't worry they are great, and more fun than you would think!

Rachel and Scarlett Rose

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