The Golden Pick & Sticks

This is an online live competition of speed, technique and training. Your skills of picking, strumming, sticking, and finger style can win gold. The rewarding of a gold grade is an awesome achievement. It is recognition of the mastering of a particular skill of guitar, drums, or bass playing.
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The Big Picture: Learning Guitar, Bass or Drums

Hugh Rudd

Phil Hartshorn is a great guitar teacher. He's friendly, funny and encouraging!!!

He is also very good at making people understand the situation. So don't worry about thinking that your kid comes home and tells you "I don't know what Phil was talking about". Because that won't happen.

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AJ Keys

AJ KeysIf you are considering taking lessons with Phil but are not sure yet, can I say just do it. Lessons with Phil will help incredibly with your playing. You will notice a huge improvement.

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